Dutch Cycling Series #2: Dutch Rush Hour

The first part in this series introduced you to many aspects of Dutch cycling including infrastructure, purposes, and users. It was a great look into what separates cycling in the Netherlands from cycling in the US but to get a true understanding of Dutch Cycling you need to know about volume. Cycling is a dominant form of transportation is areas throughout the Netherlands. In central Groningen, a city of about 200,000 people, cycling accounts for a magnificent 60% of all trips! Let’s take a quick peek at a typical rush hour in another town, Utrecht, with about 300,000 people.

Dutch Cycling Series #2: “Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht (Netherlands) III”


2 thoughts on “Dutch Cycling Series #2: Dutch Rush Hour

    • Nope. In the Netherlands they instituted smart infrastructure and have reached such high levels of bike use that helmets aren’t that important. Kids sometimes still wear them, but few adults do. The culture is very different – and that extends to drivers as well. Every place has bad drivers but those in the Netherlands tend to be much more aware of bikes and pedestrians than those in the USA. All around, much safer. This can be seen in a number of countries and cities such as Copenhagen in Denmark.

      Spandex is reserved for long rides and training/sporting events. The way it should be!


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