In its first week of operations the new protected bike lane on 2nd Avenue has seen dramatically increased ridership levels. Was this a fluke from all the people trying it out who would normally never need to use this road? Only time will tell, but what is clear is that left-turning drivers have done an excellent job of following the no-turn signs and traffic speed has barely been affected despite huge sporting events. I expect these trends to continue, if not improve. Learn more in the Seattle Bike Blog’s article.

Bike traffic on 2nd Ave triples after city builds protected bike lane | Seattle Bike Blog


3 thoughts on “Bike traffic on 2nd Ave triples after city builds protected bike lane | Seattle Bike Blog

  1. It is a step forward for bike travel, but I think the car drivers are actually avoiding 2nd Avenue and that is why it hasn’t had long traffic backups. I was making a delivery on 2nd about 2:30 PM mid-week and there were hardly any cars at all— it was weird.

    Car traffic on First Avenue was terrible. A full traffic analysis needs to include the east and westbound streets turning onto 2nd as well as the adjoining parallel streets. Turning left from westbound streets with parked cars on the east side next to the bike lane can be tricky 9am-3pm. It’s not obvious there is a parked car three cars up and confused drivers are waiting for the lane to clear, Pplgridlocking the turn lane and possibly blocking the bike lane. It may help to re-work the west-to-south turn lanes to miss the parking lane.

  2. @dalesjournal: You raise good points. Yes, I imagine the data so far is unreliable given the time it takes to become accustomed to the new infrastructure and the lack of a full systems analysis. However, given my experience so far I would defiantly say bike travel has increased on 2nd Ave. Regardless of where it came from or if it is new, it shows that people are seeking the new protected lane over other transportation options or routes. I also agree the parking signage needs to be fleshed out a little more – it was not immediately obvious to me while driving and I have been following this development!

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