Sunday Funday: Bikepacking Wanderlust

Wanderlust is a word that can often describe me. There is something about adventure and exploration that heightens my senses and makes me feel alive! At the start of 2009 I had never been out of the country and, not counting drive-through trips, only visited 10 states. All the states were in the Eastern US and most in the Northeast. Fast forward to the start of 2015 and I have traveled to 22 states and 9 foreign countries. Not bad, eh? Study abroad and a cross-country bike trip will do that. In appreciation of my wanderlust, I want to share and article about some of the incredible journeys people have taken while backpacking. One man actually biked to the South Pole! One day I will do some crazy trips like these…


And in case you were curious, here is where my travels have taken me (asterisks where I lived):

States as of 2009 States as of 2015 Countries as of 2015
Delware Idaho Canada
Florida Illinois Denmark*
Maryland Indiana Dominican Republic
Massachussetts Maine France
New Jersey Michigan Germany
New York Minnesota Italy
North Carolina Oregon Netherlands
Ohio South Dakota Spain
Pennsylvania* Washington* UK
Puerto Rico Wisconsin
Virginia Wyoming

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