Day 8: Resting in Manzanita; Lindsey’s Dad Visits

Day 8: First rest day in Manzanita, OR

Today was our first day of no riding. After the precious shoulder yesterday, and all the struggles that came with the climb, I figured it would be a good day to take a break. Plus, Lindsey’s dad came down to meet us for the afternoon so it made logistics easier. We stopped in the local cafe before he came to charge up and catch up on some journaling, then hit the local pub for lunch with Bob and Cynthia (Lindsey’s dad and his wife).

After lunch at the pub we meandered down to the beach and sat on some beach chairs. I’m about to finish up journaling/blogging for the last few days – it’s hard to keep up, even when we have wifi. After a long day I cannot always find the desire to sit down and write-up my thoughts/feelings. Even if I do, sometimes I cannot find the words to say. It’s weird how so many things happen and we see so many things, but the words still don’t always come easy. perhaps it is because I know words won’t do it justice.

After laying on the Beach we all went to get some ice cream and then Bob & Cynthia headed back to Vancouver. Lindsey and I grabbed groceries, returned to camp, and met some new comrades. Another set of Germans (names?) and two Canadians (Sarah and Amelie?), plus Kat were at camp when we arrived. The Canadian girls were fresh out of college and didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, so they were biking the coast. Ironic, I could say the same thing except I can no longer use the graduate excuse…

Those two girls were on an old 90s GT and an old Giant MTB/hybrid frame. With very little knowledge of bikes. Or how to eat on the road. Or anything really. They were funny to listen to and I applaud them for jumping headlong into something they weren’t prepared for. Lindsey and I donated some calories and helped them diagnose some of their mechanical problems. Their bikes were pretty shitty – old, bald tires and completely used brake pads. What a mess! They were in great spirits though. In many ways, I envy them. I couldn’t imagine jumping headfirst into the Pacific Coast Route, or any long distance touring,¬†without the slightest clue of what to do! Bravo!

Happy riding!


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