Day 10: Just Another Day

​Day 10: ~45 miles from Cape Lookout to Lincoln City, OR.

This morning we ate a simple breakfast of peanut butter and banana on tortilla while chatting with Kat and playing with her dogs. Sharing a campsite with her was cool – except the Racoons. They woke us in the night as they stole some coffee, cheese, and other goodies right out of her bags!

The climb out of Cape Lookout was an unpleasant way to start the morning – climbing early when my muscles aren’t warm yet is real hard on my knee. Stretching and such can only do so much – I need a few miles on the bike to warm up and get into a groove. The first 15 or so miles was along a side road leading to the Lighthouse but the rest of the day we cruised along 101. Passing through the small town of Pacific View we found the library and camped outside for lunch. A little wifi, some hidden power outlets, and nearby restrooms made it an excellent location even when closed. I highly recommend taking lunch at libraries – it’s pretty standard to get open wifi and you can often find an outlet on the building or grounds if you look hard enough.

Libraries make great lunch stops, even when they are closed.

Most of the ride was uneventful along 101 but there was a short stretch towards then end where we hopped into Old Highway 101, a small road bypassed by the new 4 lane highway. I was so thankful for this, because we originally missed the turn and saw the steep climb with zero shoulder and cars racing by…the alternate route was quiet and we found this cute little school tucked away in the hills.

Old Highway 101 north of Lincoln City is an excellent long-cut: almost no traffic through quiet forest.

There’s a small private school along Old Highway 101 with a cute playground. School was out we found their garden and filled up from the hose. Thanks!

The hiker-biker sites at Lincoln City were nothing to write about, but the right quarters meant we shared a table with Eduardo and (name? – older Canadian guy) who were a lot of fun to chat with. We even had a beer courtesy of the Canadian!

Happy trails!


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