Day 13: Lighthouses, Seals, & Friends

Day 13 (2016-09-08): ~45 miles from Carl Washburne State Park to Umpuqua Lighthouse State Park, OR. Mostly 101 with decent shoulder.

This morning we were up and out of camp efficiently, on the road right at 9:00. Hitting the road early has it’s advantages. Although by 11:30 we had only gone 4 miles it was a slow, climbing warm-up four miles and we stopped twice – once at the lighthouse and once at the Seal Caves. The lighthouse was a half mile walk from the road and, unfortunately, was not open. Still, we read a few pieces of information about it, got a couple of nice photos, and watched the sun creeping through the fog. It’s a beautiful old building and has a an interesting lens – First order English Fresnel lens. It shines further than any other lighthouse on the Oregon Coast – so far that it’s viewing distance is limited only by the curvature of the Earth!

Washburne Lighthouse


The seal Caves were pretty uneventful because the elevators were broken and we could not actually go down to the caves (normally we’d have to pay for that experience). Still, we saw a pod of seals and took a funny photo at a seal statue. The photographers were a nice Canadian couple – the guy was total stereotypical Canadian. So many “eh’s!” We took their photo first, and it was pretty bland, so when we they took our photo they were inspired for a re-do.

Lindsey and I at the Seal Caves


The cutest, stereotypical Canadians


Riding was mostly uneventful all day. We stopped at Fred Meyer in Florence and did, in my opinion, a little bit better job with shopping. We got a discounted salad with on-sale hard-boiled eggs for lunch and a couple of snack and meal items. I played Florence & the Machine as we cruised out of the city. For a hot minute Lindsey was in the lead and the wind was at our backs – a rare experience indeed! It felt great to do 20mph together for several miles. Unfortunately, our tail wind died and it was back to a much slower pace.

Just before camp we met Sarah and Amalie from a few nights ago and set our sights on Umpuqua Lighthouse Campground, where they were staying. We grabbed a few beers and met then and Pete, a young Australian man who had been riding with them for a couple days. I like him. They had veggies for foil dinners and a couple of cheap steaks they threw over the fire while I made kimchi couscous. They even bought some weird cheap cake thing, which we all scarfed down. Hell yeah for camp potluck!


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