Days 15 & 16: Cranberries, Whales, & a Hike

Day 15 (2016-09-10): ~40 miles from Bullard Beach State Park to Humbug Mountain State Park. Mostly Highway 101 with mild traffic and a tailwind!

Note: I am publishing this blog on September 21st, Day 26. This post is from Day 15/16. I’m a bit behind – internet isn’t so good out here. Right now I am just a few days north of San Francisco, having already left the Redwoods and the beautiful Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County, California. I’ll definitely catch up once I get to San Fran 🙂

I didn’t mention it yesterday but they guy next to us at camp is a trucker who also frequently bike tours. Listening to him was interesting, but man it did nothing to help after the tough day with the trucks yesterday. He talked to us about how truckers communicate via radio, so when one truck sees bikes on the road every other truck within a reasonable distance also knows. Then he told us about how some truckers like to “dust” cyclists, getting so close it knocks their caps off. Apparently, a few years ago a trucker reported he was going to dust someone and then hit and killed them – he went to prison because there was evidence her purposely did it.

We didn’t leave camp until close to 11:30 this morning and rolled into Bandon around noon. We found this small store called Wilson’s Market – it was just a small convenience store but it had a couple of bro’s working the shop and making pretty good tacos and burritos. The main bro sold us on a hurricane burrito, this massive thing that must have weighed at least 3 pounds! I think it was chicken mole. We destroyed that thing…

We were lucky enough to be in Bandon during the Cranberry Festival – an annual town fair type deal. It was also the 70th Anniversary so there was quite a crowd for such a small town. We found boy scouts and girl scouts selling baked goods (I’m a fool for this so I bought something), a classic car show, live music, farmer’s market, a dunk tank to raise money for a community pool – it was a lot of little fun in a small town. And the cranberry apple hard cider from the local cider place – so good!

Cranberry Festival in Bandon, OR


Art from recycled plastic trash washed up on shore.


Just outside of town we picked up a tailwind and cruised for quite a while. We met a few people doing the “Running to the Rogue” relay, an annual run where this native tribe (sorry, I forget your tribe’s name) runs a couple of eagle feathers from their reservation down the 101 to their ancestral homeland. We passed some support vans later in the day – damn, this group ran far. Good for them!

Coming into Port Orford we were only a few miles from camp and stopped at a roadside stand for some of the best peaches and nectarines I’ve had out here on the west coast. So juicy and bursting with flavor! After stocking up at the local market we headed south out of town and, upon clearing the cliffs protecting the town, were hit with a massive front of cold ocean air. Brrr! Good news though: just a couple of miles outside of town we stopped because I spotted some whale spouts while riding. We’ve seen a whole lot of whales on this trip 🐳

Roadside produce stand outside Port Orford. So good and so cheap!


Having left so late we got into Humbug campground quite late and it was dull. An older gentleman offered to share his camp with us. We graciously accepted, although I wish we would have realized our Canadian Friends were already set up and had room to spare (Sarah and Pete were hiking; Amalie was snoozing in the tent). Still, after dinner we hung out with them around the fire and learned some new vocab!

  • KD = Kraft Dinner. Also known as mac n’ cheese. (Canadian)
  • Longie = 22, as in a bottle of beer (Australian)
  • Schnitzie = Schnitzel (Australian)
  • Parmie = A schnitzie with parmesean melted on top (Australian)
  • OP = some kind of store, i forget (Canadian)


Day 16 (2016-09-11): Rest Day #2 @ Humbug Mountain State Park, OR.

It was a slow morning today with some reading and tea. I got my package from the ranger on duty – a new sleeping bag liner (great for keeping my bag clean from my sweaty body) and did some reorganizing. Then we set off for a 5 mile loop climb up Humbug Mountain. There’s not much to say about it, except we had to bushwhack a bit to get around a ground hornet’s nest right in the middle of the trail. Thankfully people had left a warning note and we had our eyes peeled!

While we were still warm we headed down to the beach for a quick dip – so far we haven’t done it because the water is freezing and the wind and clouds don’t exactly warm you up. Unfortunately, this time was no different. Although the sun was warm the wind in the cove was viscous and we stayed dry down to our knees. Plus the riptide was insane and I didn’t want to drown. I hear that it’s not so fun. I did use the gravel-like sand to exfoliate though, which felt surprisingly good. And under the shelter of a large rock we were able to escape the blistering wind and catch a few rays. I even stretched and did some knee exercises in the sand!

The evening was pretty chill – camp burrito dinner, some necessities taken care of, and trying to catch up on journaling. I failed at that  last one though, since we started watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (original) on Lindsey’s Chromebook instead.


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