Day 17: Sun & Speed

Day 17 (2016-09-12)  ~50 miles from Humbug Mountain State Park to Harris Beach State Park in Bookings, OR. Almost entirely on 101 with a lot of hills.

Not much exciting happened today during the ride, except I went really fast. Coming around this bend in a fairly steep descent I got a good gust of tailwind and pedaled hard then tucked down and flew. 44mph! No joke! The fastest I have ever gone before was 50mph on my Cannondale (road bike, bot loaded) coming off the Rainy Pass heading from eastern to western Washington. It felt gnarly pushing over 40mph fully loaded on this steel rig full of flex! Don’t try this at home, kids 🙈


So fast!


Otherwise, the say was pretty straightforward – rolling hills, highway, and beautiful cliffs. Also, nice and sunny and warm! We set up camp alongside Jeff & Pepper, my favorite little dog who we met the night before. She runs around camp greeting all the cyclists and being as cute as can be!


Pepper is the cutest little thing 🙂


After setting up camp we headed into Brookings to do some errands. We ate at Wild River Pizza, this kinda odd pizza place that cut our pizza up into the weirdest tiny squares. It was also a laundry day (good thing too, we were starting to stink) and we hit up the local Grocery Outlet. 😍


Grocery Outlet is my favorite store and it is so good for touring cyclists!


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