The Split: Lindsey & I Agree to Part Ways

I won’t go into very much detail, since I believe personal matters should remain personal. However, for those who keep up with my blog you will notice that after San Francisco Lindsey will not be appearing in the blog. Why the change? We will not be continuing on the trip together.

Lindsey and I have been dating for a while but, like any couple, we had our share of troubles. Sadly, as much as we hoped for the best we knew before embarking on this trip that we may not make it through together. We were both ready to shake things up and so decided we would go through with the tour even if our relationship was rocky. We loved each other, so why not give it a shot, right? I think we both hoped that, when we removed some of the relationship difficulties we experienced relating to jobs & household stuff, we things would begin to heal. Unfortunately, they did not.

Lindsey and I decided on Day 21 in McKinleyville that we would no longer continue our relationship but that, at least until San Francisco, we would continue as travel companions. As I write this a week and a half later I am glad to say the days after the break went surprisingly well and, in many ways, better than those that came before. Still, we agree it is best to go our separate ways.

Lindsey, I know I will miss you in the days to come but I believe we’ve made the best decision for both of us. Thank you for being my riding partner all the way to San Francisco! We covered over a thousand miles through all kinds of crazy terrain – it might not be the whole coast but we can be proud of how far we’ve come!

Happy trails,




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