Day 36 & 37: Bike Kitchen & Day of Rest

Day 36 (2016-10-01): San Francisco
Well, despite being exhausted I stayed up rather late last night publishing 6 days worth of blogs and piddling around on the internet. I meant to wake up early this morning but when I finally regained consciousness it was after 9. Oops. Oh well, I needed the sleep. Breakfast is overnight oats using the leftover coconut cream from last night – rather rich, but very yummy. Plus some yogurt with peach. Yum!
By now I am well versed in the route down to the Mission and surrounding areas, so since I woke up too late to go to Berkeley I decided to head the SF REI again. Sarah had told me there was a garage sale so I figured I’d try to get lucky. I did not end up getting anything at the sale but settled on the Half-Dome 2 tent and picked up a small first aid kit and sunscreen. I could use some eye drops and I need to mail a few things, but otherwise I am ready to hit the road.
Since I slept too late for Berkeley I cruised over to Bike Kitchen, a 501-c3 non-profit that works like a co-op. It’s volunteer run with stand time, classes, TWF sessions (trans, women, femme), used parts, and more. I did not have time to get the whole low down on how they work and their history but they’ve been around for at least a decade and they were busy! I counted 22 people when I was leaving. I did general maintenance and cleaned up my bike, plus a bolt check. I also noticed my rear hub was loose again and so took it apart, replaced the pitted cone, and inspected the bearings. I found one to be pretty scraped up so replaced it and reassembled the bug with fresh grease. So smooth!

The Bike Kitchen go so full that they had to setup up extra stads outside. I definitely recommend this place for people on tour. There is also Waterside Workshop in Berkeley, but is is a hell of a lot harder to get to if you’re in SF.

I returned to Hilari’s place, ate some lunch/dinner, and chatted with her a bit before leaving again to check out HBS, the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival I Golden Gate Park. I texted Eileen from 4K (she lives in Petaluma) and the Canadians, hoping to meet up. I figured it would be busy given that it was a free concert but this place was packed! It was hard to even walk in some places because the walkway was so jam-packed with people. Eventually I made my way to a stage but after standing around for 20 minutes waiting for the set to start I gave up. I had the wrong impression – this is the kind of place you pack a giant cooler, a big picnic blanket, and camp out all day. I left and unfortunately never met up with Eileen. The Canadians also passed. I’m sure if I had different expectations I would not have gone by myself – it wasn’t the type of thing you do alone.
Oh well, coming home early has advantages – I am all packed up and sorted my things to leave tomorrow or Monday and spent more time catching up on journals and blogging. I am almost caught up!

Craving satisfied.

Day 37 (2016-10-02): San Francisco

And on the 7th Day, I rest.
I woke up around 9 this morning and by the time I am writing this at 17:00 the most I have accomplished is Skyping my mom and about an hour of journaling to finally catch up. Most of my day I spent lying around on the couch and snacking. I couldn’t stream House of Cards on Amazon Prime so I decided to check out The Wire instead. I’m starting to do laundry now though, so that’s productive. Did I mention I did not leave the house once? Thank you Sundays!
I watched 5 or 6 episodes of The Wire today and never left the house. Guilty.

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