Days 47 & 48: Musing from the Trail and R&R in Santa Barbara

Day 47 (2016-10-12): Hiking the Franklin Trail from Carpenteria High School. ~8 miles (RT) and 2500ft elevation gain.

I have told people, on occasion, that by doing this trip I am living my dream. But what does that mean? What are dreams? Is this really the dream I dreamed? Dreams have been on the mind, and during the quiet solitude of today’s hike they came to my thoughts.

What is a dream, but a subcobsious representation of the struggle between man and social order?

It’s okay to measure dreams by perfection, but measure life by experience.

From stop the hills behind Carpenteria I can see and even here suburbia. But out here, with few trees and vistas stretching for miles, I feel exposed. I’ve been to far more remote places but there is something about the vast expanse that makes you feel small and insignificant. Thinking about this, and about the Valley Uprising movie from last night, I really want to go to Yosemite.

Avocado trees! I managed to find one super ripe avocado that fell on the trail. Otherwise, these were all in private property.

No bears today. Or mountain lions or coyotes either.

Cacti! And very different hiking scenery From what I am accustomed to seeing. Beautiful in it’s own way but I miss the forests!


Day 48 (2016-10-13): Off Day in Santa Barbara
Lazy morning, watching The Wire. Thinking about biking to Mexico. Beyond? Flagstaff is going to be in the 30s/40s in November and below freezing at night. Perhaps I save this one for another spring? Should be a more beautiful ride then anyway. I also read about digital photography. I have long thought this would be a hobby I would like. And while my phone has a great camera for documenting its poor for capturing the feeling and vastness of these landscapes. Plus I have limited abilities for low light, distance, etc. Maybe I will try and pick up a cheap, used DSLR in Lis Angeles.

I watch about 4-5 episodes of The Wire today and don’t leave the house until Chloe comes home and we go out with her friends from high school (who are visiting) to a wine bar. I get one glass. $10. Gah.



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