Day 49: Back to Riding

Day 49 (2016-10-14): ~50 miles from Carpenteria to Leo Carrillo State Park. Mostly highway and parallel bike path.

After two full days off, one of which was extremely lazy, getting back in the bike was a bit slow but not nearly as hard as after a week off in San Francisco. I double and triple checked I had everything before I left, since once I left I wouldn’t be able to get back in. And I have a habit of leaving things behind…

Riding along the parallel road and then bike path is a nice way to start the morning but it is still loud as hell. I listen to a bit of news but eventually just put on music since I keep missing parts of the conversation. Not more than 10 miles in I spot something in the water and stop for a better look. Dolphins! I know they’re dolphins because there are quite a few that call the nearby Channel Islands home and they are distinguished from porpoises by their curved dorsal fin. Dolphins! If you look very carefully in the photo you can just make out it’s back. Too bad I did not already have that camera…

You probably cannot see, but there is a tiny tip of a dolphin out there.

Welcome to SoCal, where oil rigs dot the ocean horizon and also just sit around everywhere.

The rest of the day is uneventful and I stop at the free Seabees Museum in Port Hueneme. It’s all about the Seabees, a military engineer/construction squad that also sees combat. It started in WWII but still exists today. It was okay…I am not a big fan of war museums. I like memorials because I believe we should respect our soldiers and the gravity of war. But I don’t like the way some museums, this being one of them, glorify war and military. It was free though, so I recommend stopping. Plus, the bathrooms are nice.


After Port Hueneme it was back on Highway 1 with a nice tailwind all the way to camp. Nothing special tonight, just some Ramen and an early bedtime.


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