Days 59-60: Wrapping up in Long Beach

Days 59 & 60 (2016-10-24 & 2016-10-25):

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about these two days. Originally I planned to leave Tuesday morning and combine biking with CalTrain to arrive in the San Bernardino area where I would stay with a Warm Showers host. Instead, it works out even better. Scott needs to go to camp on Tuesday night for a Wednesday activity he is helping run, and camp is just past San Bernardino. I originally think I will just ride to San Bernardino from camp, saving myself the shitty ride through LA County, but soon I realize I can also go over the mountain north of camp and come into Victorville (where I have a host for Thursday night) from a different direction.

I think about it for a bit but eventually go for the obvious choice: head north from camp. This will let my check out Big Bear Lake (a major attraction in SoCal) and not have to backtrack to San Bernardino only to turn north again for Victorville. Oh yeah – I will also ride to the highest paved road in SoCal, and one of the highest in California, at 8,400 feet. Sweet. I won’t actually climb all that way though – camp is about 13 miles from the summit and at around 5,000 feet. Perfect.

Otherwise, Monday and Tuesday are uneventful. I spend a good chunk of Monday in a Zipcar driving back to Topanga Creek Outpost to pick up my new Surly front rack and installing it on my bike. Why a new rack? It’s a low rider (meaning my bags will sit lower and improve stability on the front tire) and much sturdier – rated to 70lbs compared to the 20lbs on my current rack (I usually have at least 30lbs on it). I chit chat with Chris and a guy from Specialized at the shop. Man, I love this place!

Topanga Creek Outpost rocks! Chris, seen here, is the owner. He fed me cake and banana bread and I learned a lot about riding the Great Divide from him and his staff.

Tuesday is just a day of errands before I leave – stocking up and packing. I ride 10 miles to REI in Westminster and stop at Goodwill on the way back – what scores! I bought Scott Pandemic the board game (huge steal at Goodwill) and some climbing chalk as a thank-you gift for hosting me and making my time in Long Beach so great. I also found these adventure sandals to replace my flip-flops. Nothing beats getting $70 sandals for $7. Win. 


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