Day 93: Friendsgiving!

Day 93 (2016-11-27): ~55 miles from San Antonio to San Marcos. Mix of trail, bike lanes, and highway shoulder leaving the city, then country highway.

I get up and get ready fairly quickly this morning, not really wanting to stick around any longer than I have to. I am a bit tired, having only went to bed close to 3:00, but so be it. I weave through town on a series of bike paths, bike lanes, and neighborhood streets, eventually ending up on a nice trail system. It’s still surprising how green this part of Texas is, given that popular depictions of Texas show a hot, dry land of cowboys. I suffer through some suburban highway as I pass through New Braunfels and make a connection with Daniel – a host in Austin. Great, got that settled! I continue on, my first day back on the bike in a week a pleasant 55 miles with a host at the end. Not a bad way to get back into it.


Much of the ride out of San Antonio was along paved paths through riverside wetlands and woods.

Entering San Marcos I am unsure what to expect – it is a relatively small town with a UT campus smashed between two major cities. I roll into the Yellow House where I meet Matt, a Warm Showers Host. Matt recently bought the house and is working full-time improving the fixer-upper and turning it into a hostel. I shower and start laundry before joining him on a short ride to his friends’ house for a potluck. Turns out, it is not a potluck – IT IS FRIENDSGIVING!


John is working hard in the kitchen.


Plate one of two, four if your count the two dessert plates =D

I meet a whole bunch of cyclists and talk about riding in the area and my trip. We eat. Oh man, we eat. Turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, baked corn casserole, green bean casserole, candied yams! And pumpkin pie and chocolate pie for desert. I eat like I have never seen food before, two big plates of dinner followed by two more for desert. After spending Thanksgiving on Amtrak and briefly chatting with my family as they celebrated back home, this is exactly what I need!

Back at Matt’s place I meet a few more people living in the house and chat for a while before calling it a night and crawling into my Harry Potter nook. No joke, I slept in a tiny little alcove under the stairs. Nothing extravagant, but It’s been a great night! Matt is a super cool guy and I look forward to seeing how his hostel project unfolds. Everyone I met was really friendly and cool too – another unexpectedly fantastic group! =D


My Harry Potter room underneath the stairs.


There’s my host, Matt.


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