Biking Resources

This is a working page that I will update from time-to-time. I’m mostly working off my phone here, so I apologize for the lack of beauty.

As I have started doing this ride I have learned a great deal from the other people I have met, whether it be a restaurant suggestion, route tip, or information resource. Adding to that are all my personal hard-earned lessons. I want to compile some of that information for other people who may stumble across my blog looking for information. This will be far from all-encompassing, but I always appreciate a point in the right direction and I hope you will too!

Camping & Lodging

  • WikicampsUSA: a great app showing you campground locations, services offered, prices, etc. It is all user generated – I have been trying to post some basic info for hiker-bikers as I go.
  • Warm Showers: I am surprised how many people we meet who do not know about WS. Like couch surfing, but specifically for cyclists. Hosts tend to ROCK! You don’t need to compensate hosts in anyway – they do this because they want to support you. But swapping stories is the norm and small gifts/making dinner are always  good ways of showing gratitude if you feel so inclined.


  • Bulk bins, spice bags, 

Routing Tips

  • Adventure Cycling
  • Facebook groups

Packing & Preparation