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Somewhere in Idaho, 2013, with 4K for Cancer Seattle

Somewhere in Idaho, 2013, with 4K for Cancer Seattle

In the spring of 2013 I graduated from Gettysburg College in my home state of Pennsylvania. Shortly after I joined a charity group called the Ulman Cancer Fund to do a cross-country bicycle ride from Baltimore, MD to Seattle, WA. Along the way I raised over $7,000 for young adults with cancer and developed a new love for biking and travel. Armed with a bike, duffel bag, and backpack. I chose to stay in Seattle for no reason other than that it wasn’t home. Three years later and I have worked 7 different jobs, lived all across the city, and discovered a whole new lifestyle I never knew growing up.

Seattle is a great place, but once again my itch to travel is strong. At the end of August 2016 I will depart the Emerald City for the next big adventure: a bicycle tour down the West Coast and across the South to New Orleans with my partner. This time it won’t be a charity ride – we will be camping, staying with friends, and reaching out to strangers as we bike more than 3,500 miles from Seattle to LA and on to New Orleans. From there it is an open road – maybe biking home to Pennsylvania, maybe road-tripping on four wheels, maybe settling down in one of the towns we’ve passed through along our route. I like to keep it open-ended.

Here is an outline of our general route. If you live near it, please consider hosting us, showing us around, or providing other support. Thanks!

My Website

So, what’s this website about? Well, it’s about me, of course. It’s about my adventures, my career, and the thoughts whirling around in my head. I want you to check out my credentials and I would be flattered if you recruited me for a job (bonus points for geo-flexible work). But more than that, it’s about telling my story. I value adventure and exploration and it is important to me that my friends, family, and loved ones can see the big strokes of my life and know that I am doing well. So check out my blog, see my past work, and contact me if you feel the urge.

Happy Riding,




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