I am Not a Cyclist. I am an Urbanite.

…no really, it is true. My blog has been dark lately – more on that later. For now I want to share this thought I have been mulling over for a week or so:

I am not a cyclist. I am an urbanite.

As kid biking was free entertainment.

As a teen cars meant freedom.

As a student my feet took me everywhere I needed to go.

As a traveler linking modes was key to mobility.

As a Copenhagenite bikes were just part of life.

As an adventurer bikes were exciting.

As an urbanite bikes are functional.

No, I am not a cyclist. I am an urbanite.

Now let’s ride bikes!


Top 10 Cycling-Friendly Cities | GCN

Global Cycling Network presents the world’s top 10 cycling cities according to the 2013 Copenhagenize Index. It is no surprise the Netherlands ranks three times with Amsterdam holding the top spot. The survey only included 150 cities, so there are cities missed. Still, I wouldn’t mind cycling around any of these cities.