America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities | Bicycling Magazine

America’s Top 50 Bike-Friendly Cities | Bicycling Magazine

How I would love to visit all these places. American urban cycling is very different from the Danish & Dutch experience and I have only been to a handful of these American leaders. 12/50 is not too bad, but unfortunately many were pass-troughs lasting only a day or two. I cannot wait to travel and see more of what our country has to offer! This map proves American cycling is no longer a west coast fantasy – a surprising number of our country’s leading cities are in the central regions and the Midwest is quickly becoming an important cycling hub. I have been to:

  1. Minneapolis, MN   |   4. Washington, DC   |   5. Chicago, IL   |   6. Madison, WI   |   7. New York City, NY   |   10. Seattle, WA   |   16. Boston, MA   |   17. Philadelphia, PA   |   24. Milwaukee, WI   |   35. Pittsburgh, PA   |   39. Ann Arbor, MI   |   41. Grand Rapids, MI