In its first week of operations the new protected bike lane on 2nd Avenue has seen dramatically increased ridership levels. Was this a fluke from all the people trying it out who would normally never need to use this road? Only time will tell, but what is clear is that left-turning drivers have done an excellent job of following the no-turn signs and traffic speed has barely been affected despite huge sporting events. I expect these trends to continue, if not improve. Learn more in┬áthe Seattle Bike Blog’s article.

Bike traffic on 2nd Ave triples after city builds protected bike lane | Seattle Bike Blog


Playable Cities – yes, that is a real concept. Words like plan, organize, structure, purpose, utility seem to dominate city planning, but what if we replaced them with ad-hoc, spontaneous, creative, community? Check out this article from the Guardian for a glimpse at the possibilities.

Playable Cities: the city that plays together, stays together |